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Custom Boat Covers, Boat Cushions, Sail Covers, Biminis, & More!

We are renowned for hand-made quality boat cushions, sailboat awnings, biminis, boat and inflatable covers, mainsail covers and related products (such as companion way covers, hatch bags, winch covers to name a few) as well as enclosures and sundry accessories. Much of our work is custom, including the use of stainless steel in bimini construction, custom sail covers, and unique cushion sets for a broad range of sailboats and inflatables. Our team of artisans proudly make all of our products at our facility in Tampa, sourcing all materials and fabric locally wherever possible.

We have been a fixture in the local Tampa Bay boating community for over 20 years. On our shop floor are marine craftsman. Experts in the measure, pattern, design and manufacture of thousands of different SKU’s. We have an entire wall full of boat covers and cushion templates and schematics waiting patiently to be digitized and join their 6,000 brethren. Should our team encounter a boat we have not seen before we use the latest CNC and optical scan technology to make a new template, and our family of products grows again! Delivering products to support the top manufacturers like XXX, XXX and XXX is second nature to us. Call us to ask questions, we are more than willing to help!