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Find the perfect Boat Covers to protect your boat. We offer Boat Covers in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Custom Boat Covers

If your boat is valuable to you, why wouldn’t you protect it with the best quality cover? Protect your boat from damage and prevent fading with our high-performance boat covers. Crafted with precision and designed to fit your boat just like a glove, our custom boat covers are the ultimate safeguard against the harsh marine elements.

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Custom made Boat Covers to fit your boat perfectly

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We Offer a Variety of Boat Cover Styles, Colors, and Materials

We understand that every boat is unique, and so are the needs of its owner. Choose from a range of high-quality fabrics, colors, and additional features to create a cover that not only fits like a glove but complements the aesthetics of your boat. Our handmade boat covers are designed to shield your boat from the elements, whether it is the harsh rays of the sun, heavy rainfall, or the inevitable dust and debris. Trust in our craftsmanship to safeguard your investment and keep your boat looking pristine year after year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a seamless and secure ordering process with our sales team, and rest assured that your handmade boat cover will be delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner. Elevate your boating experience with Ameriseam – where craftsmanship meets protection, and your boat receives the care it deserves. Explore the possibilities today and request a free quote!

Colors of Boat Covers :

Sea Isle Blue
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Forest Green
dove gray
Dove Gray
Surlast Black
Light Grey
Cadet Grey
Charcoal Grey
Captain Navy

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Frequently Asked Questions

A custom cover is tailored to fit a specific boat manufacturer, while a Universal cover is designed to accommodate boats based on their measurements.

The Down position involves raising the boat’s engine to its maximum height, with propellers suspended in the air. In the Up position, the engine is set in the drive position for water use. The Mid-position entails elevating the engine to a 45-degree angle, suitable for road travel.

If your boat’s details are not listed, we can potentially create a cover based on accurate measurements. In such cases, a universal cover will be crafted, and we will require boat dimensions, including Length, Width, and height from the rub rails.

Our covers typically feature a bungee cord sewn around the bottom to securely fasten to the rub rails on the boat, ensuring a snug fit.

For unlisted models, providing dimensions, paper or plastic patterns of the cushions enables us to create a customized set for your specific needs.

Our cushions are crafted using waterproof and durable 1 7/8” Ensolite density foam. The covering is made of Sunsure marine fabric mesh or Sunbrella Horizon Marine Vinyl, incorporating piping on the top and bottom, and a zipper enclosure either on the bottom or at the back of each cushion.

Our main Sail Covers are constructed using Sunbrella awning marine canvas, backed by a 10-year warranty. Optional features such as cutouts, dutchman, and lazy jacks are available with provided measurements. The covers include a zipper with a Velcro flap along the mast, and the enclosure for the boom can be secured with either nylon fastener clips or stainless steel twist locks.